About VeloWing

Our Mission

VeloWing is a private endeavour to create, test and use a velocar in everyday life in and around Berlin, Germany. For more information on velocars in general visit Velocar.net.

It is a cooperative effort to rediscover a once numerous mode of transport closely related to the historical microcars and cyclecars as well as recumbent bicycles and cargo bikes. VeloWing combines modern e-bike and bicycle technology with a classic design to tackle 21st century challenges.

The Participants

VeloWing consists of three people with widely differing perspectives and areas of expertise who first met at a cargo bike race 2018 in Berlin. They are united in their vision of velocars as practical, healthy, fun to drive vehicles – and a truly sustainable mode of transport.

Kai of KaiCycles provides quality craftmanship and an intimate knowledge of similar vehicles in past and present. He designed the prototype, assembled all mechanical components and build the chassis. You can reach him via kai@velowing.com!

Katharina is responsible for paintwork, design and sewing work. As a professional pianist, she will test the prototype as a transport for stage equipment.

Stefan initiated the project and developed the initial specifications. Aside from communication, compliance and all marketing related tasks, he is responsible for assembling all electrical components and finishing the prototype. He is also running Velocar.net.

Contact us via mail@velowing.com!

KaiCycles velocar roadster test ride velomobile cargo bike quad weather protection two seater
The beginning of a love affair – Katharina and Stefan test riding a KaiCycles roadster velocar at the Malzfabrik in Berlin